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Welcome to Porcelain Nostalgia signs (vitreous enamel signs)

The pioneer behind nostalgia enamel signs is Late Mr. Hafizur Rehman. His son Suhail Rehman continued the legacy of his father’s work and gave numerous new ideas and developments to the gifts and reproduction vintage line of which he mastered Vitreous enamel nostalgia signs across the globe. Our primary focus is manufacturing reproductions of vitreous enameled Nostalgia & Vintage Signage. We specialize in cut- to-shape signage. These items have been exported to the USA, UK, Germany, Holland, Australia, etc.

Additionally, we manufacture sign plates (namely Danger Boards, Number Plates, Phase Plates, Circuit Plates) for various structural engineering companies for their transmission line projects. Through these companies, our products have been exported to the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sierra.

Our Process

Vitreous enamel, also known as porcelain enamel or glass enamel, is a branch of the Ceramic Industry. The composition of the coating consists of similar chemicals that are used in the manufacture of glass. These chemicals are permanently bonded onto the steel at high temperatures (830 deg.C). In effect it creates a coating of glass on steel which is very tough and durable. porcelain signs vitreous enamel signs vintage

Brushing explained

Brushing is an art behind all the stunning signs and designs made with porcelain. It takes long to brush any single sign and deliver the quality that our buyers expect from us. 

Furnace Operation

Furnaces works at 830 degrees high temperature.


Minute details are printed with help of micron thin finest screens and baked for perfection.

Porcelain Small Plates

These plates are done quick with our specialised staff in screening process in multiple firing, baked to perfection later.

Quick View of Setup

We share a quick view of other furnace and work in progress.


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